The Top 3 Authentic Italian Recipes

Do you love authentic Italian food as much as I do? There aren’t many foods that I love, but any dish that is from Italy is something that I could eat every single day of my life. Not long ago, I was thinking about my top 3 very favorite authentic Italian recipes, and I was able to come up with them, but it wasn’t easy.

First of all, I think that pizza is my top favorite Italian recipe. One of the things I love so much about this dish is it contains bread, which I thoroughly enjoy. Also, it contains cheese, and if you ask me, the more the better. Not to mention the spices, the sauce, and the other toppings that I put on the pie when I make it.

Next, I love a nice pasta with chicken and creamy alfredo sauce. While I could eat any of these things alone, when you mix them together, it is heaven on a plate.

Also, I choose lasagna as the third authentic Italian recipe that is my favorite. The thick noodles are delicious, along with the melody of cheese, sauce, and meat is something I could never get enough of (I heard some Best Italian Restaurants in Miami I might explore).

The Top 3 Best Business Opportunities for Pregnant Women

If you are an expectant mother looking for extra source of cash, then here are small-scale business opportunities that you can do at the comfort of your own home.

Don’t let pregnancy stop you from earning top dollars. Sure you may have some level of difficulty in adjusting to pregnancy, but your body and mind still have the ability of functioning at their peak. Here are some things that you can do to earn income at home while a bay is on the way!

  • Making jewelries

Instead of buying jewelry why not make them yourself. Find a reputable supplier of materials that you need for jewelry making. If you don’t want to undergo jewelry making outside the home, you can always turn to YouTube for comprehensive, instructional videos. If the outputs are good, you can then supply them to your local gift shops first. If they sell like hotcakes, consider supplying them to legit jewelry shops in your neighborhood. You may also set shop online through may buy and sell platforms such as eBay and Etsy to name a few.

  • Clothes making

If you have basic to advanced dressmaking skills, then why not put those skills into good use! You can start making clothes for yourself, and for other pregnant women in your neighborhood. If you have fine dressmaking skills, sell them to friends first, and then grow profit through referrals.

  • Web design

If you are a web designer, then you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for jobs online. You can post your services in community forums or start posting articles about web designing on your blog. Set up a portfolio of websites that you have made in the past and upload them online. Web design is not as much of a chore, especially if you have been doing it for many years.

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Top Four Work-at-Home Jobs for 2016

Working from home promises a multitude of benefits. Apart from the extra cash that it provides to you and your family, work-from-home professionals also enjoy flexible working hours, no dress codes, and freedom that desk jobs simply fail to offer its employees.

The only trick to working from home is finding legitimate jobs from registered and licensed companies (like private blog network service). Due to the increasing number of work-at-home jobs, scams have become commonplace too. Those who aspire to work from home need to be more vigilant when choosing among work-from-home advertisements online.

In this article, we have listed down legitimate jobs that you pick up if you want to earn extra as a work-from-home professional!

  • Web Search Evaluator

The main job of web search evaluators is to determine the accuracy of web search results. In addition, people who are tasked to evaluate web search engines need to determine different search terms that people commonly use.

The requirements for this job are quite simple. All you need is a computer and steady Internet connection. You need to be a high school graduate to accomplish tasks this job requires. Critical analytical thinking is a must so you can pass the test that companies ask applicants to take during preliminary testing and interviews.

The average pay for a starting web search evaluator is at $14 per hour.

  • Online Medical Transcriptionist

Becoming a medical transcriptionist may not be your idea as a lucrative job, but if you are only going to do this on the side, the earnings can be substantial too. The hourly rate is set at $17. Interested applicants need to present a one-year certification program or associate’s degree of any health-related course.

The medical transcription job is known to be one of the first jobs that was offered when work-at-home jobs were first offered online. The main function of medical transcriptionist is to type doctor’s notes, prepare memos, and deliver reports to clients.

  • Customer Service Agent

If you have decided to work from home, one of the most perfect jobs that you can apply for is that of customer service agent post. Interested applicants only need to be high school graduates to pass the interview and written exams provided by your employer. In some instances, applicants need to have college degree especially if the account or project involves a lot of technical skills and know how. Training is most commonly provided to applicants who are eligible and have passed the interview. The pay rate for beginners is set at $10 per hour.

  • Technical Support Specialist

If you have knack for computers and technology, taking the role of a technical support specialist is exactly the perfect job for you!  Individuals who are familiar with technology and computers can earn a solid income just from taking this work-from-home post. Your main role as a tech support agent is to provided help to customers such as troubleshooting computer issues and connectivity problems. The biggest companies such as Apple and Xerox even hire work-from-home tech support specialists too! The average pay for computer support specialists starts at $24 per hour.

Things that you need to do in order to keep your car lasting for many years

There are many different car tips (check out some from that you can take advantage of in order to keep your car as safe as possible. To maintain your vehicle’s ability to function properly, there are certain things that you need to do in order to keep it lasting for many years. It really depends on how much effort that you put in, and these are very simple tips that you can do starting today. Here are some of the best tips you can consider using, five that should always be done annually.

Oil Changes

The first tip that you should have done on a regular basis is an oil and filter change. There is really nothing else that will destroy your engine as quickly as not taking out old loyal and putting in new. Oil is literally the lubrication of your vehicle, and with out it being clean, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, leading to an early break down.

Cooling System

Your cooling system is something that you should also change out every year. Unless you get premixed, you should always distill your cooling with half water. This will allow your cooling system to be corrosion free, and to handle the colder temperatures when they occur. Always use some type of a funnel when placing this into your vehicle because it is typically in an awkward position which will cause it to fume or even burn.

Changing Out The Transmission Fluid

It is also very important to change the transmission oil from time to time. Just like any other type of lubricant that is used throughout your car, it can become corroded with use. If you don’t know how to do this, or any of these other tips, you can always contact the mechanic in your area that will be able to do all of this for you for a reasonable price.

The ability to keep your car lasting for several years, sometimes decades, really comes down to who the manufacturer was, and the type of care that you provide your vehicle. If you are able to keep on top of all of the repairs that need to be done on a regular basis, you have the ability to extend the life of your car for quite some time. By simply changing your oil, your transmission fluid, and the anti-freeze in your radiator, you will enhance your car’s ability to function at optimal levels for quite some time.

Buying Leak Detectors For Your Home lot of professionals use leak detectors (like Leke) when they’re trying to evaluate a home for problems. Some people want to get this product for themselves. That way, they can check for leaks before they call someone out there.

There are a number of simple tests that people can perform in order to check for a leak. Some of these tests can be done even without any sort of extra equipment.

For example, if the deck of the pool is either lifting or sinking, there’s almost certainly some sort of problem. The same is true if the water return lines have air bubbles in them, or if you can see cracks in the bottom of the pool.

However, if you’d like to be able to look for problems that aren’t readily visible, having an extra piece of equipment might help. Of course, equipment can be fallible; it’s always smart to call in help if you suspect that there’s a real issue.

If a leak isn’t detected, it can cause some serious issues and a lot of expenses. It’s a smart idea for people to keep an eye out for leaks. That way, they can be fixed as soon as they appear.

Royal Rations: What Did Medieval Kings Eat?

Medieval times are well known to be pretty grim – most people usually ate nothing but bread, beans, and water. But throughout history, royalty has always had access to delicacies and fine foods that weren’t available or affordable to common people. This was especially true in medieval times, when kings started to have access to rare spices and preserved meats from other areas of the world, like Arabia and India, while poor people still had to eat turnips and okra.

So what would a medieval feast fit for a king look like? Well, like a lot of fancy modern restaurants, meals had multiple courses. The first course was usually a soup – these appetizer soups were usually carefully crafted by the top chefs to have a delicate taste that would whet the appetite for the meal to come without being too filling. Common soups for this purpose were carrot soup, cream of mushroom soup, and onion soup. Cream of mushroom soup in particular was considered to be a fine delicacy, because before modern technology and farming methods, mushrooms had to be found in the forest by specially trained pigs and dogs.

The next course a king might eat would usually be a fish course. Fish was especially popular in coastal areas like Spain, England, and Italy, and as a result medieval people in these areas developed some very sophisticated fish recipes. After the fish course came the entree – this was usually a meat dish with an accompaniment of hearty vegetables like squash or cabbage. Common meats included chicken, quail, peacock, and especially venison.

Next came dessert – just as much of a favorite then as now. Common medieval treats included honey breads and jam tarts, as well as custards and puddings. So if you’d like to experience a feast fit for a king, get ready for a very full stomach.